Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Post: Newsflash...good workers get laid off too

I know a very bright HR professional in the Louisville market by the name of Bill Jessee.  Like many folks, Bill has been in the market since last year networking, cold calling, searching the web, working with recruiters, etc.  He's doing all of the right things.  And again like many folks, he is still going through the job search process.  However, there are times that I along with Bill get a little frustrated at those people/companies/recruiters who hold tight to the belief that unemployed means unemployable.  While I think there is some truth to that concept in a good market, the reality is that in today's market, even top performers get cut eventually.  I'm not saying that all of the unemployed are perfect employees but I can tell you as a job search coach I have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of people and I can count the duds on one hand.  That's saying something.  I'm not trying to change the world's opinion here...but along with my guest post by Bill, I'm just asking if we can all take a step back and realize that sometimes good employees get the boot just as easily as bad ones.  Employers..listen up to Bill.  And btw...if you need an HR professional with Union experience, he's your guy:

"Hey folks, sometimes in this big old world bad things happen to Good, excellent people.  Unemployment, among the other bad things out there, is one of them.  Through no fault of their own…it just happens.  It’s not a reflection of their abilities, dedication or skill, it’s not that they want to go home and watch TV and collect 400 dollars a week….when they were making exponentially much more than that.   Who in their right mind would come up with a conclusion like that?   They are not lazy, low class, bottom feeders that some old school managers think.  The only reason a lot of the old school are in their job, most of the time, is that they are old school and no one wants to tangle with age discrimination…otherwise they would be out the door as well.  Bottom line here.   With what judgment you use…someday, much sooner than you think that judgment will be used regarding you. I can guarantee it.  So, you may want to think twice before you develop conclusions about someone who is currently in transition, and before you make a sweeping generalization.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and write them off.  There are now thousands upon thousands of the most excellent, loyal, talented, gifted, dedicated people who are looking to land.  If you can’t help them then at the very least don’t hinder them with any moral superiority or misguided conclusions.  It’s what your Mom told you…If you can’t say something nice…keep your mouth shut.  Amen. "

Amen Bill.