Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are you busy looking for work...or just looking busy?

I have noticed a trend as of late of many job seekers who are doing a whole heck of a lot to get noticed.  They blog, they create websites, they create videos, they create incredibly creative resume "portfolios", etc.  These are the people that want the world to know that they are looking. 

However, for some of this activity, I have to wonder...are you searching for work or making your search your work?  What do I mean?  Well, I know that many people struggle with the transition from being a professional who feels like they are on the go non-stop to suddenly someone who doesn't have to be anywhere, doesn't need to check their phone constantly, and really isn't beholden to anyone (except the Mortgage company of course).  As a result, you just have to ask...where does that energy go?

For many, I think it goes into the job search activities that I mentioned above.  And for the most part, I think this is all good stuff.  When you are seen as a subject matter expert in your field and you open up your network to a diverse mix of professionals, good things are bound to happen.  But where I see the train go off the tracks is for those people who used to be accountants yesterday and today they are positioning themselves as job search experts because it's the "work" that they are currently doing.  In that case-I really question if you are doing yourself any favors.  Not a question that I have a ready answer to, nor do I think it's a one size fits all issue.  However, my bottom line is very cautious how you are spending your job search time.  Make sure that the vast majority of what you do serves your ultimate purpose of getting a job.  I'm not advocating ignoring the needs of others.  Absolutely-help who you can.  But don't get so caught up in the act of providing job search advice that you forget to use the advice yourself.  Good luck and happy hunting!